Gold Point Ghost Town | Silver State Sights Episode 38

Esmeralda County isn’t just the most desolate county in the state of Nevada, it’s actually the second least densely populated county in America, which would make it a likely place to find a ghost town.

But just because it is a ghost town, doesn’t have to mean that no one lives there.

“Right now, six people in the town proper,” said Walt Kremin, one of two men who owns the majority of the town.

Gold Point is located off of U.S. 95. Just turn on to state route 774, it’s only a short drive away. The town is filled with some strange things, including an old Reno fire truck, somehow 275 miles away from home.
“The whole town is a museum of sorts,” Kremin explained.

The town is rich in mining history, which goes back to the 19th century.

“History goes to 1867, at that point it was called Lime Point,” he continued. “In 1908 they tried to incorporate it and they named the town Horn Silver. In 1928-32 they renamed it Gold Point, and the name stuck.”

And it’s pretty clear why that name stuck. Kremin says about $3.5 million worth of gold was found there.


Author: Rich